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My name is bOB HOmer and I'm an artist. I always have been. I've spent over 25 years as a professional artist, from fine arts to photography, graphic design, and website design.  Always on the cutting edge of innovation, my background is steeped in creating.

I started drawing and painting as soon as I could hold a crayon, and I started taking pictures and making films at the age of 10. I have never been without a camera, sketchbook, or canvas. I was around at the genesis of the internet and my creative spark soon was lit by a new medium in which I could create.

My passion really lies in creating and storytelling. I went to art school at Sheridan College and, although my degree is in scientific and technical illustration with a minor in photography, you could say my degree is in storytelling. I sketch, paint, and capture on film life as I see it through my truly unique vision. The same ethos applied to all things internet.

After graduating from art school, I followed my creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit to open my own small, independent art gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, in 2002. Aptly named bOBart, my gallery hosted exhibits, I taught classes, I had a darkroom for rent for fellow creatives, and - seemingly out of place - I taught seniors how to use the internet. (Yes, although I'm definitely not a hipster, it’s interesting to note that I established a shared studio space a decade before the shared office concept became mainstream.) Little did I know that my career was soon to become all about the internet.

I eventually found himself moving out west, like so many from Southern Ontario, and I spent ten years working at a major BC multimedia corporation as web designer, graphic designer, videographer and editor, and in post-production. All the while, I also ran my own business, Laundry Room Press, selling art - paintings, sketches, photographs, silk-screened t-shirts - literally created in my laundry room.

After being at the multimedia company for a decade, my entrepreneurial spirit needed more creative control and I left to start my own photography and website businesses. Although I have since retired from being a professional photographer, I still run the digital marketing business, called Lethologica, which I launched in 2015 together with my wife, Jennifer. With clients across Canada and the US, I have designed countless websites, graphics, and logos. My artistic vision extends across all media and reflects my art school upbringing. My superior knowledge and training in all things web-related affords me the real-world practical expertise to be lead on all of Lethologica’s web and SEO projects. I never stop learning and am known as a reliable resource for inbound marketing excellence. I'm proud to have the reputation of being the one that companies turn to in order to fix their websites that someone else created sub-par for them. When a website breaks, people turn to me to fix it.

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Our Philosophy

My parent company, Lethologica, was founded by me and my wife, Jen Timer, who helps me with the bookkeeping and admin stuff. Lethologica is a labour of love. We live and breathe creativity, and we're passionate about helping others with their creative needs. We are here to do our utmost to facilitate the careers and successes of other business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone else who needs our help. We're proud of our company; we want to ensure your work is the best it can be, so you can feel the same pride!

My Core Values

Respect, integrity, and honesty are the most important values we share with our clients.
We appreciate your open and honest feedback.
We appreciate that you're open to trying things a different way.
We appreciate that you respect our experience and professional judgment.
We respect that you know your business and clients better than anyone else.
We appreciate that you understand and respect the value of our time.

Other interesting fun facts

Multiple IMDb film credits

I've even worked in film and have 3 set photographer credits to my name.


Jeep geek

When I'm not behind the computer, I'm out getting my Jeep, Peej, dirty.

doctor who

Doctor Who nerd

I even own the Fourth Doctor's scarf and hat.

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