Summit Wildlife Solutions

We started working with Dan McDonald, Owner of Summit Wildlife Solutions, at the end of 2014. He was just launching his wildlife removal business and needed help creating an effective website as well as a digital marketing strategy of Google Ads. After a successful website design, creation, and launch, the next step was to create a simple Google Ads campaign with a modest budget to get the business going. Within a short period of time, his simple ad campaign evolved into several separate campaigns, one for each of the services he offers, with an ad spend that kept his name top-of-mind in the paid search results while building a strong organic search presence. At times, Dan has been so busy that he’s asked us to pause his campaigns as he couldn’t at the time possibly take on anymore work. In 2019, we were delighted to help Dan expand his company into new locations throughout the Lower Mainland and now into the Fraser Valley.
We continue to work with Summit Wildlife Solutions.

• Dan McDonald, Summit Wildlife Solutions

Apex Automotive

Apex Automotive is owned and operated by Mike Vanderstar. We met Mike at a Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce event a few years ago and started working with him almost immediately. We have a mutually beneficial working relationship. Mike is an amazing mechanic and we've taken all of our cars to him over the years. He's trustworthy, skilled, and friendly - we always enjoy seeing Mike when we take our cars in. On the other side of things, as you know, our parent company is Lethologica and, through that business, we helped Mike with rebuilding his website and establishing a presence on Google.

Thank you to Jen and bOB! When I first started my company I was skeptical about creating a website for I had no experience in how it should look or what should be said. I made a basic site, but decided to have bOB and Jen make it better. Jen did amazing work with the creative writing, while bOB fully restructured the website, while working on the SEO at the same time. bOB also fixed my Google ad words which saved me money. At least 50% of my new customers now come from the work they have done. This is an excellent company to work with!

• Mike Vanderstar, Apex Automotive

Tracey Rinas

Tracey Rinas is a Vancouver-based Realtor who brings something a little special to her clients - her background in arts and design. Tracey graduated from Emily Carr with a Fine Arts degree and a diploma in Interior Design from BCIT. The result is that Tracey knows how to stage a property like no one else! She is The Realtor That Works - she helps to declutter and stage to really show off your property's assets! As such, it has truly been a pleasure to shoot real estate photos for Tracey since 2010.

Tracey Rinas

Nithsdale Construction

Sandy Vernon had a carpentry and construction business and we were happy to help Sandy with his web and social media setup. Sandy is retired now but we still appreciate the work he gave us and the time we spent getting to know him. Sandy gave us this lovely testimonial when we first helped him out. Thanks Sandy!

Lethologica, great to work with. I'm a total dunce with just about anything Tech ..... They setup various Social Media pages and also reworked a webpage. All this within a tight budget! Next step will be building a solid base for Website..and SEO.

• Sandy Vernon, Nithsdale Construction

Nithsdale Construction

Real Estate Evolved

Real Estate Evolved isn't a company - it's a philosophy held by two of our long-time clients, Jessica Chen-Sargent and John Grasty. Jessica and John are committed to educating Tri-Cities buyers and sellers, hosting Buyer Beware seminars, and ensuring their clients are fully informed about their real estate choices and in their buying or selling decision-making. Jessica and John are active in various Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam community events and organizations. They truly know the area and are incredible resources. We've been delighted to work with them for years on their website, social media, and real estate photography.

Real Estate Evolved

Claudio Tonella

Claudio Tonella is a Realtor with Sutton West Coast Realty in North Vancouver, BC. British Columbia has over 15,000 realtors. How does one man stand out and get business? Claudio is smart about his strategy - he offers consistent and friendly advice, as well as frequent postings of his listings. We curate images for Claudio's social media and blog posts, as well as create landing pages for each new listing that he has.

I had a wonderful experience in using Jennifer and Bob over the years! They helped me create a website, great social media posts and much more. They both listened well and were very professional and worked hard to meet my deadlines! I would recommend Lethologica to anyone wanting to move their business forward.

Claudio Tonella, Realtor

Sukhi and Raji Kang

The Kangs are a powerhouse Realtor team in Surrey, BC. They hired Lethologica to tackle an enormous project - to write a description for each of the over 7000 multi-unit properties in the Lower Mainland, as well as create neighbourhood feature pages for all the cities in the region, all for an upcoming project of the Kangs. We can't wait to see it go live!