Who has time to blog in 2020?

Blog Writing in 2020

Summer is almost over! The kids are back in school (Do you have a lot of free time now?)! Time to get down to business.
Now is the perfect time to start thinking about all those work projects that got put on hold over the summer. It’s time to start focusing on where new business will be coming from during the fall and into the winter of 2020. (Wow, 2020!) Where does new business come in? Blog writing.

One of the questions everyone asks us when we first sit down with them is “How much should we really be blogging?”
The easy answer is “As often as you can!”
That is usually where our agency comes in. We write or edit those blogs for you.

Companies who blog see an average of 6 times more traffic to their websites than those who don’t blog at all.

Blog readership is projected to reach 31.7 million views by 2020. That’s a lot of eyeballs you can reach! Companies who blog are 57% more likely to gain new business through blogging than other forms of digital marketing. Research also shows that 45% of marketers feel that blogging is the most important part of their digital marketing strategy. 

Searching for answers with Google

Going forward into 2020, Google will continue to deliver the best possible answer to a user’s search query. Therefore, creating quality content and web copy that shows that you are an authority in your niche should be a high priority for your business. 70% of customers discover a business’ blog through a search query that answers the questions they need answering.

Blogging takes time

But who has time to blog consistently? Solopreneurs make up a significant part of the business landscape in Canada. These are the people who are responsible for everything in their business, including blogging. In the short-term, solopreneurs might be able to handle writing the odd blog post here and there. However, over time, business owners tend to either lose interest or get too busy to continue blogging. This means they are missing out on a large segment of new business.

Creating quality copywriting is challenging at the best of times. Not only do you have to come up with great ideas to make your business stand out, you also have to make sure that all typos, grammar, or spelling errors are caught before the post gets published. That’s why 52% of bloggers use an editor to help with this process.

We can help!

Lethologica can help you, the busy entrepreneur, with your blogging. Whether we write the content for you or just do the copy editing, we can save you valuable time to do what you are best at in running your own business. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you succeed!

Who has time to blog in 2020?
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