What is Email Marketing Automation?

what is email automation

We have all been the recipient of an automated email marketing campaign after we make an online order, signed up for a newsletter, or downloaded an ebook from a website. The process is similar no matter the reason, but there are varying levels of email marketing automation. But what makes email marketing automation different from a regular email marketing campaign?

Basics of Email Marketing Automation

Simply put, the difference between email marketing automation and a regular email marketing campaign is having the ability to assign an automated workflow to a customer journey. This automation is designed to add value to the customer’s individual buying process because the customer will receive personalized targeted information at the right time.

Instead of simply sending out an email newsletter and checking the open rate after the campaign has been sent, automated workflows let marketers assign ‘tasks’ to subscribers depending on how they interact with the newsletter. For example, when a subscriber clicks on a specific link in the email, an action can be assigned that adds that subscriber to a new segment to keep track of the content they specifically are most interested in. Then, the next time you send out a newsletter, you can tailor the message to specific subscribers, making your content more relevant to them. That increases the chances of the subscriber taking another action. Another example is when a newsletter is sent out, but a subscriber doesn’t look at it, and a follow-up reminder email can be sent after a certain number of days gently reminding them that there is an email waiting to be viewed. Then, if they still don’t open it, that subscriber can be removed from the list and added to another list to follow up at a later time.

Platforms for Email Marketing Automation

There are some amazing email marketing automation platforms available. ActiveCampaign is the platform that we usually recommend to our clients. ActiveCampaign provides users with a complete set of automation tools that can manage the entire customer journey.

Who is Email Marketing Automation for?

Email Marketing Automation is for businesses that would like to have better communication with customers or prospective customers. Keep your business, products, and services top-of-mind. Creating lead magnets for lead generation would also add value by keeping customers in your lead funnel, allowing for more touchpoints along the customer journey.

For e-commerce businesses, Email Marketing Automation can be particularly useful in reducing cart abandonment by 25% by sending a follow-up email. Or, you can send proactive wishlist reminders or upsell notifications.

If you have an email list, why not try to use it to its full advantage by automating your workflow. Stay top-of-mind to your customers throughout their buying journey.

What is Email Marketing Automation
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