Why is visual content important for your brand?

Why is visual content important for your brand?

Why is visual content important for websites, SEO, and social media?

People engage first with images - whatever captures the eye.

As a business owner, you need to draw people into your service or product, your website, or your offers. In this era of shortened attention spans and instant gratification, you need to captivate them immediately or risk losing their patronage.

Visual content is highly preferred over written for increasing your Google ranking. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, takes into consideration a variety of factors such as whether your pages are text-heavy vs. visual and if you have video content. It's all about the overall user experience because, when there are pictures and videos that users enjoy, they spend more time on your site and spend more time looking around at other pages on the site, which Google tracks and factors into your ranking.

So, the more attractive your page is

the more people will be interested in looking around

the longer they'll stay on your site
= all helping you rank higher in Google.

Read more about SEO here.

Why is visual content important for your brand?

Social media plays into all of the above as both another way to get your message out and another way to support your Google ranking. The more helpful and engaging information you share, the more you build credibility and establish yourself as an expert and authority in your industry or market. This is where eye-catching Facebook posts, video Tweets, infographics, and more are extremely helpful. If you're not using fresh visual content, you'll get drowned in a sea of social media and you're less likely to get that client or customer looking for products and services like yours.

How can you use fresh visual content to stand out in your business?

  • Advertise your sales or specials with new product photos
  • Humanize your business with behind-the-scenes images of your products being crafted or the people who work in your shop or office
  • Show you're an expert by posting about your industry using carefully curated images
  • and more - we can find the solution that's right for your business.

Ask us how we can help you be more consistent and grab your customers' attention with ongoing, fresh visual content.

Contact us for our Visual Content Creation Packages.

The Importance of Visual Content
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