Our 2 Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe but we just hit a milestone. Two whole years as Lethologica!


We hadn’t really thought about it much. Sure, we had to renew our Port Moody Business Licence again. (And we’re doing our taxes…) But otherwise, it hadn’t really occurred to us until bOB started getting anniversary congratulations on his LinkedIn profile. He asked me about the date and we realized that we just passed the two year anniversary of our launch! (We’re so preoccupied with taking care of our clients that we sometimes neglect our own business but that’s a good problem to have!) The day went by rather unceremoniously but what a couple of years they’ve been!

AnniversaryWe are so fortunate to be doing what we love. In a city we love. With people we love, especially since we are a husband and wife team. We have no pretenses about our situation and are grateful every day. We are so lucky to be helping people with their businesses. I think that gratitude shows through when we talk to clients and colleagues because we’ve had people tell us that our passion for our work is obvious. We love hearing that. We never want to become complacent, bored, or apathetic. But I doubt we will because our work reflects who we are as people.

One realization that’s noteworthy is the increase in our client base. We started out with literally a handful of clients. Now we’ve got spreadsheets (plural!) to organize who we have on which monthly package and through whom we’ve received which referral! Before, we could count them on our fingers. We are so grateful for each and every one of our clients, from those who only needed short-term projects such as a website conversion to long-term clients with constant PPC, SEO, and social media work. We have learned something about ourselves, our work, and the world from every single one of you. Sincerely, we say thanks.

Another amazing aspect of our work comes with the friends we’ve made along the way. Clients, collaborators, colleagues. Through networking groups (we belong to about three now…) and the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, and most recently the Women’s Collaborative Hub. We have made incredible connections with fantastic people and it’s been FUN! (It’s not all work. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.)



It’s so funny to think we’ve been at this for two years. It seems like a lot, and so little. bOB’s been doing web design and art for 20 years. I’ve been a writer forever but 20 years ago you could not have convinced me there’d be such a thing as social media and that I’d be doing it! bOB and I have been business owners since 2008, starting with an art gallery back in Ontario. But in this incarnation, serving this specific clientele, it’s “only” been 2 years. Yet it feels so natural that it feels like we’ve been doing it forever. Perspective is everything.

So with this perspective in mind, we say, “Hurray!” and “Thank you!” and “To many more!”


To congratulate you for reading this far, the first person to correctly tweet @LethologicaCC the names of the three TV shows or movies that these images are from gets a $10 gift card from Starbucks!

Our 2 Year Anniversary
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