4 Killer Tips For Creating Remarkable Website Content

4 Killer Tips For Creating Remarkable Website Content

I could write dozens of suggestions for creating killer website content that will get you noticed. For now, here are 4 killer tips for creating remarkable website content to consider.

Creating Remarkable Website Content

#1 Don’t Treat Customers Like Fish You’re Baiting

1. Don’t treat customers like fish you’re baiting – aim to help them instead! If you’re only trying to sell, sell, sell, eventually people who were paying attention will tune you out. Clients want to feel valued and that no problem is too small. Create content for your website (such as tips, worksheets, and videos) that helps address some of their smaller problems and they’ll look to you for help solving their larger problems.

#2 Ask the Experts

2. Ask the experts. Interviewing an expert, or having a guest blog post, on your website shows the customer a few favourable things about you.

a. You’re looking out for what’s best for them by learning more. Customers love business owners who stay current and at the top of their game.
b. You’re humble enough to approach others about their related expertise; this makes you more human and approachable to potential customers.
c. You’re more interested in helping your customers than just making a sale (vs. refusing to acknowledge the existence of other experts who could ‘steal’ clients away).

#3 Stand Out

3. Be bold and stand out. Being unique, and sometimes even controversial, gets you noticed. Bringing a fresh perspective to a topic can score you points with your clients and they’ll enjoy seeing the ‘real you’ shine through. Plus, people love to share their opinions; chances are you’ll get a lot of traffic as they share your blog with their friends, too. Show you’re an influencer and expert in your field.

#4 Testimonials

4. Get testimonials! You can write about your products and services until the cows come home but what usually sells you to other people are glowing reports from happy customers.

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4 Killer Tips For Creating Remarkable Website Content
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