bOB HOmer

Vancouver Architectural Photographer

bOB HOmer is an artist. He always has been. He started taking pictures and making films at the age of 10 and has never been without a camera since, be it film or digital, stills or video.

bOB’s passion lies in creating and storytelling. He went to art school at Sheridan College and, although his degree is in scientific and technical illustration with a minor in photography, you could say his degree is in documenting life. He sketched, painted, and captured on film life as he sees it through his truly unique vision. He’s always been a documentarian.


After graduating from art school, bOB followed his creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit to open his own small, independent art gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, in 2002. Aptly named bOBart, his gallery hosted exhibits, bOB taught classes, and he had a darkroom for rent for fellow creatives. Though he’s definitely not a hipster, it’s interesting to note that bOB established a shared studio space a decade before the shared office concept became mainstream.

bOB eventually found himself moving out west, like so many from Southern Ontario, and spent ten years working at a major BC multimedia corporation as videographer and editor, and in post-production. All the while, bOB also ran his own business, Laundry Room Press, selling art - paintings, sketches, photographs, silk-screened t-shirts - literally created in his laundry room.

Ever challenging himself, bOB launched his own photojournalistic photography studio, and branched out into weddings as well as shooting events, portraits, and architectural photography. He's chronicled life through photos and videos, his years of visual documentation and skillful post-production work setting him apart from the rest.

Always continuing to paint and sketch as well as shoot, bOB is an active artist in his community:

bOB has shot large galas, a fundraiser for the Red Hill Valley in Hamilton, a Bold for Breast Cancer fundraiser; his work has been exhibited at the Port Moody Public Library and at City Council; bOB was an Artist in the Park in the City of Port Moody for 2015; bOB has done pro-bono filming for Divine TV Channel, a web series sharing positive and inspirational stories; and his artwork has hung at various coffee houses throughout Greater Vancouver.

Not one to rest on his laurels, bOB and his wife Jennifer launched a digital marketing content creation company called Lethologica in 2015. With clients across Canada and the US, bOB has designed countless websites, graphics, and logos. bOB’s artistic vision extends across all media and reflects his art school upbringing. His superior knowledge and training in all things web-related affords him the expertise to be lead on all of Lethologica’s web and SEO projects and he is known as a reliable resource for inbound marketing excellence.

His most recently launched venture, Diegesis Films, is not just a logical progression in bOB’s career. It's both a necessary evolution and a perfect culmination of all his years of experience in documenting life. On the cutting edge of evolution with immersive video, Diegesis Films creates documentaries, interview-style productions, and short films to tell the important stories of today and yesterday.

bOB’s striking and unforgettable art includes everything from fine art to graphic design. He’s a painter, illustrator, photographer, filmmaker, designer, creator, craftsman, and idea machine. He creates untraditional prints that you hang on your wall, not photos that sit on a computer or phone. A film, lighting, and tech fanatic, bOB is currently in love with 360º video and his medium format camera.

bOB is an Observer Member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and a Member of the Port Moody Arts Centre.

Core Values

bOB HOmer is authentic, honest, and introverted. As such, he is serious about respecting you, your rights, and your privacy, as you do for him. Respect and integrity are important values to bOB.

bOB is a very outside-the-box thinker so he appreciates that you're also open to trying things a different way.

He appreciates that you understand and respect the value of his time and the experience he brings to his work.

Although much of his work is technologically-influenced, bOB has recently felt a renewed love of simplicity, tried-and-true ways of doing things, and legacy.